How to Curl a Heat Resistant Wig

My first tutorial!! YEAHHHH I know a lot of peeps out there are wondering why this is my first but its something simple and I had some experience with it during Acen 2014 curling my Sailor Moon wig. So enjoy my super amazing curling wigs tutorial! Maybe I’ll even add pictures later…


1. Make sure your wig is heat resistant! Most cosplay wig companies sell wigs that are heat resistant but be sure to check! Otherwise you will have a weird mass of melted plastic stuck on your wig head :S and that wouldn’t be fun.

2. Keep in mind you can always try again! That’s the best part about wigs the change you make to them usually isn’t totally permanent so try try again as many times as it takes! Try not to get frustrated and resort to throwing the curler at the wig, it doesn’t help much (ok, maybe it does a bit) and you may break your curler…

3. Turn the iron on and or get some curlers ready (metal heat ones or plastic)! These wigs need heat to be able to curl and they wont keep that curl unless they have completely cooled which can be a tricky business to get right. Also you will need tonnns of hairspray! Because we are using a wig no need to use any fancy hairspray here! As long as it has a super strong hold use whatever is cheapest because this is not hair. We are not trying to make it tame stray ends and add bounce people!! Heck you can just buy aqua net from the dollar tree (although it smells something awful). If you need some serious hold save it for those crazy wigs that need to stick up straight! For curls its not as big of a deal.

4. Curl. A few things to keep in mind: If you are using rollers take a section of hair that is a bit smaller than the actual roll and not too thick. You will want to go in sections and keep it a bit orderly this way you get all the hair and the hair will heat up enough to hold the curl.

5. Once you are finished actually curling, blow dry and leave the curlers in or turn off the curling iron! This is one reason why I would much rather use curlers, you don’t have to sit and hold them for eternity making your arm burn while you wait for the iron to cool! I also have issues getting the hair clamped in the curling iron end and it comes out kinky. If you do use a curling iron I would be careful with the clamping!

6. Hair spray that thing!! Go all out, spray everywhere! I would recommend doing lighter sprays a few times than trying to drench the thing the first go around. It doesn’t turn out pretty when you have gooblets of hairspray sticking to your curls XD Also beware of the smell of some hairsprays…you may want to stand back a bit!

7. Extras. You can also free style curl if you only need to curl bangs under or flip the hair. You can use your hand or a curler and a hairdryer. With the curl or your hand underneath hold the hair to the shape you want and blow dry until it gets nice and hot. Once you are finished heating it up hold your curler or hand there until it completely cools and blast it with some spray! I like this method for when you need a bit of a curl and don’t have much time.

8. Enjoy! You have finished curling your wig! When you travel with it make sure you are careful with the curls! I usually curl it at con, but you can also travel with it if you give it some room and don’t squish it. If the curls start to become messed up, comb very gently with your fingers. When the con is finished you can wash and dry it and redo it again! Yes its tedious, but it will always look its best!!