Post Con Clean Up and Prep

The con is over. No more singing the Pokemon theme song with random strangers. No more people asking to take pictures of that awesome costume you just finished the night before. No more waiting in line for an hour for that once in a lifetime glimpse of your favorite celebrity crush.

Its back to reality: your boring job or school work, and your regular ol’ days of procrastinating finishing costumes another day. But you have that nagging feeling in the back of your head… there’s that giant bag of unpacked costumes in the dark corner of your room and scraps of fabric thread and other unmentionables thrown about your craft room. So what do you do!?!?

Start with the easy stuff. The first thing is to clean up the mess. Putting away all of the wigs, clothes, makeup and stuff you brought with is the first priority. However be smart about it! Remember that you have to wash your wigs, hand wash any delicate clothes, and spot clean those corsets and bunny suits so make sure to set them aside for later. I usually get a laundry bin to set all of my hand washing things into so they can hang out there until I find some rainy day to spend the day washing!

After cleaning your space up (and I don’t just mean your suit cases, clean the whole place up!) go back through all of the things you wore. Are there improvements that could be made? Did something not fit exactly how you wanted it to? Did that last minute hot glue hold up? Writing a list of things you have to improve is best done the moment you are rested up from the convention, before you forget all of those things that bugged you about your costumes.

The other day I was about to start a costume that I had made a pattern for the year before. I remembered looking great in it and it fitting fine. My best friend reminded me that I may need to try it on and see if I need changes before I started cutting it out. I put it on and was immediately reminded of my past mistakes and glad I had tried it back on. Five different changes to the pattern later, and I had a more comfortable and better fitting garment!

Once you have a list of problem children, it’s time to knock them out! Make a plan over the next few weeks to work on the issues that you have written down and get them knocked out! In a few days (or a few weeks) you’ll have some less annoying costumes or accessories to wear.

The last and final thing to do after a con is to recharge. Make some time when you get back home to get some extra hours of sleep. Plan a few less things to do the next few weeks to rest up. Con plague is a real thing that I have caught many times and rest is the best way to get rid of your post con wows and any potential virus.