About Me

Hey there! I’m a cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia!

I’ve been dressing up and having fun with friends since 2010 when I went to my first convention! I did very little costuming and had so much darn fun I made two entire costumes for the next convention and ended up winning some awards at the con!! I was hooked after that and have been trying to grow my costuming and crafting skills ever since.

I love meeting new people and gaining friends and it was so darn easy at conventions I didn’t want to stop going. I’ve been a total dork all my life being into video games, anime, movies and other unconventional weird things, that I feel so accepted while in my costumes derping it up with friends!! Now that school is finally finished I have some time to create costumes and go to conventions around the area (and not around the area) and create a website.

I have always been a very crafty person but never got into sewing. Once I learned how fun it could be to actually make my own costume and get recognition for it I could not stop! It’s hard work to come home after a full day of work to make costumes but I have so much fun doing it. I have learned so many skill sets and hope to continue to grow my skills into bigger and better costumes!

If you have any questions for me please go to the contact page and send me an email! I would love to hear from each and every one of you :3

Fun facts about me:

I speak Spanish! Si! Hablo Español!! Aunque mí gramática está horrible aveces D:

I love swimming and kinda wish I just lived next to an ocean already.

I work in a lab in a hospital where no one sees me and cut up your organs. *_*

I once taxidermied a mouse. Do with that what you will.

I love…love, love frogs. I mean I was so obsessed my room looked like it had thrown up frogs (green walls and carpet and everything)

I’ll think of more things later.