Crunch Time!

So I have been waiting all summer long for youma con and it’s finally a work week away. Everything has delayed me, from grad school, to hanging out with friends and family functions. All of those things haven’t stopped me from doing what I love and making my Tidus cosplay for youma. It’s heading into crunch time…I have everything from making a stretch suit to making jewelery but I think I can accomplish it in four days! Let’s do this thing!!

Getting Started

Everybody has to start somewhere, so
this is my sendoff.
If anyone’s out there glancing this page it’s under construction, but soon I hope to have many beautiful pictures of my costumes and advice for fellow enthusiasts who dream the same dreams as me. I hope to have tutorials that amaze and posts that people can use for years to come. So enjoy as this site morphs into something I hope everyone can enjoy.