Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

I loved being Nausicaa. This is the only cosplay I did not make completely by myself. This was one of my first cosplays before I even had sewn a single garment. It was not labor intensive but it sparked my interest in learning how to sew and create new cosplays and now I cannot stop! It was so fun walking around as Nausicaa! I had people coming up to me and hugging me saying they loved me :3 It made me feel so special <3
How I constructed it: I knew a friend who sewed and she picked out a pattern for me. I helped cut out the pieces and sewed the easy seams and let her finish! She did the arms and hem 😛 We also made earrings together. I got the Teto from an online store for cheaper than I could make it. I also sewed on felt for the emblem on her chest. The belt was clearance which I cut up and attached a grey foam piece and put some velcro on both sides! I did my own makeup and hairsprayed my hair to death to make it really poofy like hers.



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June 24, 2014