TF2 Fem Blu Spy

TF2 Fem Blu Spy

This was my first cosplay that I ever completed and I mostly bought items that fit best! My friends wanted to do a TF2 group cosplay for Acen the first year I went. I had no idea what TF2 was but I thought being a spy would be cool! No one else ended up finishing their cosplays in time but I still had fun wearing it! I have learned alot about this game and the fans following it just by wearing it, making friends along the way.
How I constructed it: The only thing I constructed was the mask which is a prop you can use in the game. I carefully painted it with paint and sprayed it with a layer of clear spray paint! Most of my items I found on ebay and eventually my friend made a knife for me. I will probably redo the knife one day but this is an easy go to costume because it takes up so little room >.<


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June 24, 2014